Computer science news

Cortex-A72 a processor for 4K


An image of the marketing graphic for the new chip.

Engadget notes that ARM is going to produce a really fast chip for mobiles that would allow for handling 4K images and recording. 

This is pretty impressive …

Stephen Hawking worried about AI

According to a BBC report, Stephen Hawking is concerned about AI (artificial intelligence) causing human extinction or something. 

HAL9000 ‘Eye' artist impression of an sci-fi AI. image: Cryteria /wikipedia

Well I’m pretty sure …

Computer simulations of various walks

This video shows some rather amazing genetic algorithms that end up producing various kinds of bipedal walks under different conditions. Some walks appear …

Unboxing a supercomputer

If you thought unpacking your computer and trying to install your computer was tricky, consider what it takes to install a super computer from Cray.  This …

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