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Grammy’s 2016

Cover for the winning record

So the nominations were announced in 2015, this is obviously about who actually wins for the year 2015. I think that’s correc, even though …

MTV - Video Music Awards 2015

Just a brief note here…


The 1983-84 award. image: wikipedia

On Sunday there was the MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye West announced he will run for US president in 2020. Miley …

Grammy nominations for 2015


A grammy Award from 2007.
image: wikipedia

Here is the list of Grammy Award nominations for 2015. See also the official list

Album of the Year

  • "Morning Phase" by Beck
  • "Beyoncé" by …

Lorde gets rave review of live performance


Lorde performing in Seattle . image: Kirk Stauffer

Philippa Hawker of Fairfax reviews the NZ singer Lorde and her concert at Festival Hall, Melbourne, July 15, and has mostly amazing things …

Sia makes number 1 in the US

The singer Sia has managed to get to the top of the US album charts as variously reported in places like The Age.  They note that "The first …

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