Physics news

New 2D state of matter discovered


A curious new two dimensional state of matter has been observed. It really only seems to occur in certain magnetic materials but was predicted some 40 years ago. 

Here is an …

Gravitational waves finally detected

A little bit late to the news cycle but…

Gravitational waves have been officially detected by two super sensitive detectors. These things are called LIGO and basically bounce …

LHC restarting after technical glitches


The main physics news at the moment is that the LHC is coming back on line after a bit of electrical fault of some kind.

There really hasn’t been much going on since about 2013. …

Wave particle duality resolved


The mysterious wave particle duality issue of whether quantum mechanical systems behave as a particle or wave seems to have been resolved. 

On a very rough reading the reason …

Using Lego to measure planck constant

Some physicists have presented a plan to build a Watt balance using lego to measure the planck constant. This is all done mostly to try to redefine the standard for the kilogram …

Converting sunlight to electricity with over 40 percent efficiency


In world first -- UNSW researchers convert sunlight to electricity with over 40 percent efficiency

UNSW Australia's solar researchers have converted over 40% of the sunlight …

Thermal imaging for iphone 5s


Have you ever wanted thermal imaging for your iPhone 5/S? well, one of the biggest producers of thermal equipment FLIR now has a gadget to click onto your iPhone, called the …

Quantum neutron cheshire cat


Quantum states can be super imposed or twisted in entirely different spaces and places. That’s just the nature of this sort of mechanics at the super small.

This sounds much …

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