More feathers for more dinosaurs

The major paleontological news story for this week seems to be about more feathers for more dinosaurs. It seems some of even our favourite Jurassic park style dinosaurs may have had a few feathered bits to them.  This seems to apply particularly to so called therapod mostly bipedal dinosaurs. 

Utahraptor ostrommaysorum, notice the more feathered appearance . image: Emily Willoughby - wikimedia

The ABC online has a report about these discoveries (actually more like further confirmation of years of evidence) but talks more about the evolutionary tendency for these dinosaurs to get smaller.

There is also another version from Reuters

More specifically the reported that

A new Siberian species, named Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus, possessed ‘‘diverse epidermal appendages’’ that included grouped filaments, which an international team concluded were avian-like feathers.

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