More stars are wanderers

It seems like there are more stars wandering around the universe somewhat aimlessly than we ever realised.  These stars, variously referred to as rogue, lone stars or orphan stars are likely to have been flung out by massive celestial events. 


Colliding galaxies may be a source of rogue stars. image: Hubble Space Telescope

This is all according to recent reports and studies from the NASA's Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope.  From a recent report in Science magazine

The abstract of the study is here

“ Infrared EBL fluctuations have been attributed to primordial galaxies and black holes at the epoch of reionization (EOR) or, alternately, intrahalo light (IHL) from stars tidally stripped from their parent galaxies at low redshift” 

Which means they got spun out in someway.

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