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News related to spacecraft or space probes. The results of the missions can be found in astronomy news. 

SpaceX lands stage 1


Normally rockets blast off and throw away their main tank of fuel (stage 1) after delivering their payload (stage 2) . The SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 stage 1 has managed to land back on the Earth after successfully delivering ORBCOMM-2 (stage 2). 

Successful test flight of Orion


The Orion spacecraft had a successful flight! A very smooth and neat looking launch too. Powered by a hydrogen oxygen mixture producing water vapour.  It also re-entered and landed in the ocean too. 

NASA to launch test of Orion spacecraft


OK, so for some reason this story on the web has been headlined as more along the lines of “NASA officially announces manned mission to Mars”. 


The Orion spacecraft on top of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle 

The official NASA press release says in the first paragraph:

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