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NASA to launch test of Orion spacecraft



OK, so for some reason this story on the web has been headlined as more along the lines of “NASA officially announces manned mission to Mars”. 

The official NASA press release says in the first paragraph:

Stephen Hawking worried about AI

According to a BBC report, Stephen Hawking is concerned about AI (artificial intelligence) causing human extinction or something. 

Well I’m pretty sure that this is not any kind of immediate concern. …

12 inch ipad speculations


So there still seems to be rumours and speculations about an iPad which is larger. A so called iPad Pro, iPad Air plus or something like that.  What does it mean though? Well it might mean a computing device about the same size as an A4 page. …

Apple releases 5K iMac


Perhaps the most surprising and interesting release of new technology from Apple last week was the 5K iMac. This is a new threshold in high resolution monitor of a 27 inch scale. Having seen this up close in the local Apple store it really is pretty stunning although BIG. Being used to a Macbook Pro retina display it is easy to be used to hi-res images. 

Computer simulations of various walks

This video shows some rather amazing genetic algorithms that end up producing various kinds of bipedal walks under different conditions. Some walks appear funny, sad and cute.

 The computer programmers at one point seemed to get frustrated and really tried to knock them off their feet too. 


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