Thermal imaging for iphone 5s

Have you ever wanted thermal imaging for your iPhone 5/S? well, one of the biggest producers of thermal equipment FLIR now has a gadget to click onto your iPhone, called the FLIR One. 

The IR thermal sensor is fairly small though at 80x60 pixels but it combines it with a 640x480 pixels visual sensor to combine the image and provide a sort of enhanced clarity. 


FLIR One iPhone thermal imaging: image: FLIR 

ArsTechnica has a more detailed review with a range of photos of warm and cool objects. The price range for this appears around $US400 ($A500).

So what could you do with it? why would you want this? Perhaps it would be useful for 

  • Home renovations looking for insulation heat/cool leaks. 
  • Checking circuit fuse board heat
  • Checking temperatures of people (sometimes this type of thermal tech is used at airports)
  • Security - as it can see thermal impressions of feet/tracks under some conditions.
  • Checking for insect infestations.

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