How to use streaming services

Australia has just got netflix and the collections on it are not that amazing so far. This is not unexpected though. But there are other streaming services too like stan and quickflix. But how do you use streaming services and why would you?

Paying only about 11.99 - $12 per month you can view as many movies or tv shows that is offered on the service. 

Streaming is best for movies or shows you don’t really want to re-watch for quite a long time, or are just a bit curious about but not really sure if you are interested in.

So here are the steps:

  1. Decide what TV shows or movies you want to see, check your wish lists in iTunes or where ever you have that list.

  2. Sign up for a service like netflix or stan or quickflix ( quickflix you can just search the collection first before signing up)

  3. Do a search for the shows you want to see, put them on your playlists within the service.

  4. Cancel your subscription ( so you don’t get charged again for the next month).

  5. Watch your shows, set specific times is best like every Monday evening at 7.00 or something.


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