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Pretty hilarious Alanis Morisette modern lyrics to her ironic song

This is actually pretty funny...

x-files reboot episode 6 review

This really seemed the least x-filey episode of all so far. The story line was not too bad but just seemed way too ambitious. 

I get the feeling …

X-files reboot episode 5 review

This is a real struggle to get through this. The contrast of a really interesting storyline with some inane lines and script made this quite difficult …

x-files reboot episode 4 review

It’s starting to get better now. The music and sound track was much better this time. Although it was a bit excessive to use ‘Down town’ for a …

x-files reboot episode 3 review

Well that was certainly weird. It really was mostly a parody episode which in a sense is a bit disappointing. The poor choice of lighting and …

x-files reboot episode 2 review

A slightly darker scene of this episode

This episode (Founders mutation) had a nice classic start, although a little bit too shiny.  The initial photography was quite good but later …

x-files reboot

The reboot of the x-files (My Struggle) at least started reasonably well but when I think about it it actually missed the mark. It kind of lacked …

Doctor who season back


Davros appears. image: wikipedia/BBC

Doctor Who season/series 9 started on Sunday evening in Australia. So far so good it seems. Looking at the origins of Davros, the creator of the …

What series are on what streaming services

This is relevant to Australia.

Netflix includes:

  • Doctor Who 2005-2012
  • Terminator
  • Torchwood
  • A good bit of BBC docos 
  • Fawlty Towers
  • The Tunnel 
  • The Matrix …

How to use streaming services

Australia has just got netflix and the collections on it are not that amazing so far. This is not unexpected though. But there are other streaming …

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