x-files reboot episode 6 review

This really seemed the least x-filey episode of all so far. The story line was not too bad but just seemed way too ambitious. 

I get the feeling it should have been the plot for a longer movie. The fact that it ends in a cliff hanger really doesn’t help too much.  The lack of subtly is really what is causing this to fall apart. The fight scene with agent Mulder and an assailant just was too comically fast and didn’t reflect the show well.  It’s not just me though others feel the episode wasn’t very good.  Some of the excess scripting just seemed especially unbelievable. Why would the main stream media not report on a contagion? 

The point of the x-files is that it looks at concepts that are far out but drift into the real world somewhat. It’s appeal lies in a kind of ‘what if scenario’ that you imagine professional people deal with and the problem solving that goes along with it. This didn’t do that, it all seemed like a movie trailer for a silly concept, a bit like the movie world war z but without the zombie aspect just sick people. Yes there was some problem solving, even mentioning recent biotech techniques like CRISPR  but it just didn’t seem plausible. The other thing that was annoying was the kind of excessive antagonistic hysterical tone to the episode especially between Scully and Einstein. 

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