This looks like it has quite a bit of potential. I like the premise of a guy who has special abilities to see the true form various Grimm Fairy tale like creatures, with lots of German style names of creatures, but with a modern twist. Set in Portland is also a really good move as the scenery is so much and green similar to European woodland areas. 

Having got through the first 19 episodes there have been some very nice ideas showing up such as various conspiracies and hidden agendas. One thing though I don’t understand in this type of series is why Nick ( The Grimm) has to keep his secret from his girlfriend. I get the tension but it is similar to the situation of The Flash series, it’s more frustrating than tension building, also I feel it sets a bad example. 

But overall I’m enjoying the show and the subtle special effects that blend almost seamlessly into the story so as not to distract too much from the story telling. 

Second season started off a bit differently with a weird voice over explaining the series, seems a bit pointless but may be because this was for broadcast TV they had to catch everyone up with what it is all about. 

The format of the show is actually not too bad in this season. They still have unique stories per episode but with that story arc in the background. In this case Juliette waking up and not remembering Nick but everyone else. 

The 4 or 5th episode in they got rid of the voice over for the introduction.

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