ST: Discovery Season 2

This started off in a much more star trek style. It is almost a reboot entirely with a few references to season 1. It was nice to have a more-or-less proper introduction to the crew.

The second episode in and it is starting to feel a lot more like the Star trek we know. It did start a little rough around the edges but once half way through it was quite good. It had a much more hopeful feeling especially when Cpt Pike returns to the planet to explain the reality of the situation.  The only mildly disappointing thing was the return of the spore drive. The spore drive seems to be essentially like an advanced transporter, it’s the star trek equivalent of stargate in some sense.  The idea of spore drive with a mycliliel network is not bad but as a plot moving or deus ex machina device is not that great because it makes in more fantasy than sci-fi.

3rd episode was a bit too all over the place with the return of Klingon ‘intrigue’ but the best thing was Tilly’s performance dealing with spore alien that took over.

4th episode was again getting back to classic feel of trek in all kinds of cool ways. The ending was pretty impressive but potentially a bit obvious. It had a welcome relief from weird camera angles. The universal translator issue was quite a fun scenario too. There was a continuation of the spore alien scenario though. 

Already up to episode 8 (If Memory Serves) this was quite interesting because the re-cap actually went back to a TOD episode I think called the Cage. Overall this episode was pretty well done, it still has that ‘Discovery feel’ but it is really starting to stride quite nicely. 

note: episode guides from imdb 

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