Star Trek

Stuff related to the Star Trek TV franchise. I’ll try to keep the movie stuff in the movie section. I’ll slowly move some previous blog entries into here. 

New star trek trailer

Looks like CBS is presenting a new Star Trek series. I’m not too sure how this is going to look based on the very ‘action’ based look of this trailer. Looks almost a bit too gritty. 

 It will only be available initially on CBS streaming services. Of course this will only be available in the US market. I do wonder if this will get onto Stan streaming fairly quickly though, given that they have all the other Star Trek.

Star Trek : Enterprise

Just started watching this series for the first time. The initial episode was pretty good and was fun to see a little cameo by James Cromwell as Zefram Cochran as part of a little speech where we discover the origins of the line “Space, the final frontier”. 

Not really a fan of the theme song at the beginning. It seems a bit too Western, but perhaps that’s what it is going for. 

This series is set a little bit before the time of Captain Kirk and crew. The presentation of more retro technology of physical switches etc was actually quite refreshing in someways. Also the initial episodes actually concentrate on ‘first encounters’ of klingons and even the development of the universal translator. 

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