Initial impressions of season 8 x-files

The first two episodes were in keeping with the x-files aliens mythos and were excellent. The scenes in the desert of Arizona were visually impressive and the bringing back of song key players worked well. 

Robert Patrick was great in the role he was playing along side Scully in the second episode but  the third episode seemed to really fall flat. The pacing, music and feel didn’t seem like the x-files. It felt far less confident, perhaps that was the intention. Really not entirely sure about this at the moment. Hopefully it will improve in the next few episodes. It seems all far less familiar.  

Ok so episode 4 Roadrunners was significantly better. The music back up to scratch and the cinematography is more classic. It certainly was very ‘Alienesque’ with a nice gross factor. The psychological message though of Scully being the victim could have been handled a bit better though this was address and realised in the last sentence of the episode. 

Episode 5 Redrum was actually pretty cool. It had a different feel/vibe to it but it worked pretty well. Though nothing is explained it did set up a cool time travel concept of going back a day each time. This is a similar theme that gets revisited in other movies like Edge of Tomorrow. 

Now up to the last few episodes. This is starting to get tiresome in some parts, it’s much less procedural and more melodrama. 

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