How to organise travel photos

I think I’ve finally figured out how to organise travel photos. This is assuming that you don’t instantly post them online of course.  I think the key is to organise them by country and date initially.  Do this first on your computer’s image editing program like Photos/Light room etc first. Use the make folder function and call it something like “ Country May 2018” then within that create photo albums of sections. Then drag the appropriate photos for your audience (that you may have optimised) into those albums.

Once you are happy with the organisation on your image editing program then you can upload to facebook or onto your personal website.  When you upload to facebook use the format

Country May 2018: Location-Location (optional) or 

Country May 2018 : Location

Country May 2018 : Event

Or if you visited more than one country, create a seperate folder

Germany May 2018 : Location

France May 2018

Italy May 2018: Rome

It may seem obvious but it does seem to help to first do your organising on your main image editor and then upload to a website. This way you can have a consistent arrangement on all platforms.

As for instagram, it’s a bit of a different beast ( unless you set it to private only). You have to sync your device(phone/tablet/ipad) album to your computer and then transfer manually. It’s probably a better idea to create an album on your computer called “For instagram”. 

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