Sennheiser Momentum 2 Over ear

Sennheiser over ear M2. image: Senheisser

Quick notes: Has a noticeable sound stage. Bass not as pronounced as on-ear or as the MX 3.00 but they are nicely balanced to be not overwhelming. 

They are comfortable for longer periods of time than the on-ear, listen to the whole of Beethoven’s 4th Symphony and when I took them off I did notice I had them on but not too bad really. 

They are certainly easier to put on than in-ear headphones. Though I have noticed that in-ear headphones are perhaps better in summer but only if you put them in and especially wrap the cord over your ear to reduce microphonics (rustling) of the cable. In ears are still no good if you want to eat so the over ear really are good if you are eating and listen

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