Aquaman review

This was quite a strange and bizarre movie. I was initially thinking it would be visually overwhelming but for the most part it was not too bad, It may have been due to the underwater scenes muting a bit of the colour action and that turbulent viscous effect of the water.  

The script really was mostly pretty poor and it really seemed like the actors where struggling with their lines. Really the only saving grace was Mamoa’s performance. 

The location switching just seemed excessive and jarring at times. It all just felt too much like a fantasy movie than anything ‘technological’ despite characters mentioning technology. May be there was a lack of technobabble.

There were also not many interesting characters, or perhaps they were just unmemorable. It had an epic feel ( a poor version of Lord of the Rings but underwater) but lacked a sense of coherency in someways. 

Watched this at the new location of the ANUfg

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