Altered carbon

First impressions really are that this is a new interpretation of the blade runner universe but instead of replicants it’s replicated minds.

Visually it looks stunning though. It does tend towards more fantasy than sci-fi but I might give it another episode a go. The switching out of an asian character to a caucasian character seems potentially ‘white washing’ though. I kind of wish that the concept of downloading consciousness into a disk wasn’t the mechanism though but I do see the appeal despite being extremely unlikely technology. 

2nd episode in, still visually very impressive and starting to have more revealed about the nature of AI. Still has a very Blade runner feel to it too. The concept of ‘sleeves’ as blank clones is all over the place a bit but still somewhat intriguing. I probably just have to think about it a bit more.

3rd episode, it feels more like a sequence from Bladrunner again. The AI hotel guy is pretty good though. But the gladiator style killing sequence between husband and wife seemed a bit too contrived. It seemed more about shock value than making a point. Again the idea the idea of swapping sleeves comes up again but for the ultra rich. It’s just too all over the place. 

But the world building is really top notch I just wish it was not so violent and dark. 

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