Screen grab from netflix cover. Hint: this is not an accurate depiction of the show at all. 

This is more of a rant than a review it seems. 

Ok , just started watching the first episode on a kind whim. Did not really know much about it other than hey cool, it’s a starship going to alpha centauri. But it starts of so slowly and weird, 1960s technology looking like that? This completely beggars the imagination a huge ship like this being a secret military project?. Also I’m not really getting into the ‘murder mystery part’ either.  The spaceship is not rotating? where is the gravity coming from? this is way too weird for me. Flashes to the modern recent earth with current technology smart phones. This is really not working at all for me.  

Looking at the second episode, because a friend at work suggested I should strive on, but I'm still not quite getting into it. A few interesting action scenes and lower decks vs upper decks social dynamics issues. Nope, not liking this. Oh a radiation storm, not too bad? really tired of this so I looked up on the internet for clues. 

Oh wow! this show really is messed up badly, it really is bait and switch. Spoilers! but really to be honest it doesn’t change too much. Thanks to There is gravity on this space ship because… it’s not in space! it’s a government conspiracy locking away people underground with fake outside screens showing a star field going past. This basically completely writes this show of for me. Sure there is some great scenery and pretty good acting but there are so many things wrong with this it seems like a waste of time now. I’m not watching this anymore. Ok the only way this could work is by being honest with the viewer upfront . So perhaps there is more room for the next series where the characters on this fake ship get to re-enter the real world.  Just watched the second episode, OK yay they revealed the actual situation in the last few minutes. But I still feel somewhat cheated by this even though it may have some interesting concepts in it.

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