Downloads or streaming

Just trying to figure out whether to download TV series via iTunes or just use streaming services. 

Netflix TV shows image: Netflix

Downloading means you can have it offline and watch anytime. But your iTunes AppleID does need to be authenticated, although not all the time/continuously. Downloads tend to be a bit more expensive per season. 

Streaming is usually cheaper for some series. But series can disappear from streaming services or even not include all seasons.  You can’t really store a stream, so if you want to watch it again you need to download the data again.  Some series are initially only available on the service itself like Netflix only. Though if it is the case of on Netflix only then getting a month subscription is worth it even if it is for 1 season of a show.

What about movies? in general it is still better to get the blu-ray as the quality is higher, in particular the sound is better on a large home theatre system. In some cases it includes a digital download too.  But if portability ( like if you travel a lot, or a student, renter etc) is critical to you then downloading a movie would be better. For example if you travel a lot and want your own movie collection, although many long distance airlines have a collection of movies available.

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