Jessica Jones

Just watched the first two episodes and it seem really intriguing. It was certainly very surprising too. The first episode certainly hooked my into wanting to watch the second episode to figure out who this mind controlling Kilgrave is. 

The use of Super powers, considering this is a Marvel franchise, is so far really very subtle yet still simmering.  But the pacing of episode 2 seems to be bit lagging somewhat. 

Up to episode 3 now….

It’s curious to see the same actress who played Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) in the Matrix movies still in an office block, almost expecting her to do some crazy manoeuvre. 

But how can Doctor Who be so mean? Will the Tardis suddenly appear? tbh that would be a hilarious cross over. The evil character is played by David Tennant of course. 

But as I noted before the pacing is really quite hard to deal with being a bit slow in some parts. I kind of just want to follow the problem solving, not the rambling emotional affairs. The opening theme music is great though. 

Episode 4 was meh.. but Episode 5 gives some further clues as to why Jessica throws up after her first sex encounter with Luke back in the first episode.

Finally got to the end of the series. The ending seemed a bit anticlimactic to some extent but I guess that’s just how it goes. 

Here, have a reference to wikipedia to find more details.

Season 2 - brief thoughts

Haven’t watched it in ages but from what I recall it was more of a back story of Jessica

Season 3 -

Currently watching it now and the first 4 episodes are a slow burn indeed.  The main protagonist is not revealed until episode 5! But Jessica’s love interest is really quite compelling and in many ways quite sweet albeit with dubious morals. The character Trish shows some interesting developments as she reconciles with Jessica. 

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