Just rewatching the classic 2010 series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It’s really very good, if not better the second time around watching via the Streaming service Stan in Australia.

 The first episode really sets the scene and the whole feel. The cinematography is particularly compelling and engaging dragging the audience into the mind of Sherlock. 

Second episode was not quite as strong dealing with a chinese cypher but still maintained a great sense of tension.

The third episode was more engaging dealing ultimately introducing  his arch enemy. The whole poolside scene was classic.

The first episode in season 2 was excellent bringing in a potential curious love interest yet was extremely well handled within the context of Sherlock’s psychology.

Second episode, the classic Hounds of Baskerville, also a highly effective yet classic episode…

First episode of the third season was not quite as strong but had some nice moments. I enjoyed the theme of the Tube and the expansion of the role of Mycroft. 

Second episode, seemed really poor. A few potentially good cases but they never get solved or expanded upon. The drunk sequence was somewhat boring get on with it!. … ghosts in parliament scene…

The final episode in season 3 had some impressive cinematography, but the storyline with Watson and his wife seemed a bit forced, albeit intriguing.  The very end however, is truly a classic cliff hanger leaving you thinking "but how?”.

First episode of 4th season is somewhat tiresome. They are trying to be too clever going back and forth. The Mary and Watson relationship seems too strained and somewhat unnessary . 

Second episode 4th season. Well that was rather bizarre. I’m still not sure how effective the Watson and Mary hallucination works. Impressive ending though. The editing was a little overdone but luckily it did get explained in the end. 

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