Stargate: Atlantis review

Finally finished watching the entire 5 seasons. I’m not really sure what to think of this. It had some interesting concepts but ultimately felt a bit too frustrating. It was good to see a strong female leader of the mission initially but clearly there were things going on behind the scenes that suggested some unusual levels of tension. It’s also unclear they could have such extreme characters, particularly Dr Becket just seemed way over the top and a characterise although towards the end of the series he seemed to have become fractionally more realistic. 

The wraith were never properly explained as to why they needed to feed on humans specifically, why not animals instead? The development of the wraith was interesting towards the end though

The development of the replicators as striving for human ability could have been explored a bit further. They ended up being have been stalled by just wiping them out once and then finally with a recreated Dr. Weir character in another body. 

The final season episodes really showed they knew the show was wrapped up with the episode Vegas creating a alternative cross over reality that actually showed a more reasonable depiction of the characters and actors abilities. 

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