Stranger things

Just watched this on a recommendation by a friend. Went in expecting this to be a series of self contained episodes of 80s style episodes. Not quite. 

Ok so I managed to get through epside 2. Some cool strange things are starting to happen. But damn the editing is so slow. I guess that is the style though. I still have to watch this with my finger on the fast forward button. 

End of episode 3 now, it’s getting better at least this episode had some actual kind of ending. So far this series is not too bad. Perhaps I’m getting used to the style and feel of this.

Some pretty cool surprising action sequences in episode 6, did not see that coming. 

Finally got through to episode 8. Well clearly it leaves a bunch of options available for another series.   The actually ending to me seemed not all that good, too many shots that could have been left as the ending to just suddenly jump to another scene.  The kids at the end ‘playing D&D after having actually experienced a literal D&D  scenario just seemed to have lost the reality of the show. Wouldn’t they be traumatised by the events? wouldn’t they have flash backs or something? may be not. I’m not really sure.

Do I want to watch another series of this? I’m not really in a hurry to be honest. Technically there is nothing wrong with the series I just feel it was too long and drawn out making the experience seem sort of exhausting. I watched this about 1 episode per day or so. 

So there has been a lot in the online discussion about the high likelihood of a season 2. My hope would be that they explore further beyond the town in the current series and introduce more positive science characters, perhaps a Constantine type scientist. Yes there was Eleven but it would be cool to see some badass science character take out the Upside down, could it be extension on the science teacher character?  Move to other themes and concepts would be good too, different creatures, aliens, high tech. Get into a bigger city perhaps would be pretty cool too. Even have some part set a in the mid 90s? there is certainly lots of potential. 

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