The Expanse

Just started to watch this and the premise is actually pretty cool (humanity has colonised the solar system). But as per usual with Netflix productions the pacing is very slow and laborious but peppered with some pretty spectacular visual effects. 

Another major issue is that they seem to try to introduce too many characters too quickly and the lack of memorable introductions make it hard to feel too much for the characters. 

The physics of is pretty reasonable too with a lot of zero-g sequences but not quite consistently realistic with keeping a good level of gravity by rotation or the mass of a small moon/asteroid. Although there was a cute sequence with a bird having not to fly as hard as with Earth gravity. 

But I do have to admit to fast forwarding some sections with too much dialogue. I do kind of wish they would use tighter scripting to get across the nature of the personalities of the characters.  

I will be watching the next episode and see how it goes.

Here is the imdb reference

Watched episode 2… it’s not progressing very well. Too many scene location changes which makes it seem like bad editing. The dialogue or scripting is a bit long winded . But I think it’s just the long format. 

Ultimately this is more like sci-fi dealing with social commentary of the Earth but extended out to the Solar System. It’s not bad but just the styling and sudden scene changes is not quite what I appreciate. 


OK, Episode 4 was actually pretty good. The whole escape and comradery with the Mars space ship actually worked really quite well. 

Finished the whole season now. It almost goes without saying that the ending is pretty unsatisfactory but again overall it has an excellent feel but is somewhat flawed in editing and scene shifting. 

Update 1st January 2020: 

Finished season 4 on PrimeVideo about a week ago. The quick thought is that the super advanced civilisation depicted needed to be more developed, it just seemed too magical. The trailer gave the impression of an Aliens scenario for sure but didn’t really pan out that way. It was cool to see Miller return and the overall conflict between the settlers was presented quite authentically

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