The Orville

Watched the first two episodes and was actually quite impressed. Even the design of the Orville starship was novel. Yes, this is a comical version of star trek in some sense but it is different yet the world building feel seems quite comprehensive in many ways. 

The third episode in seemed surprisingly serious , yet the actors still managed to keep their tone quite even.

4th episode in and this seems surprisingly serious in tone, yes there are sarcastic comments but it really does seem more realistic. Dealing with themes of an isolated theocratically controlled society living on board a bio-ship.  The tone is quite uneven, but seems still engaging. 

The episode Pria was perhaps one of the stronger episodes. This show really does give a nice updated feel.  I really enjoyed the depiction of the worm hole as being more like a spherical object and even the dark matter field seemed to have a greater sense of plausibility. Also enjoy the zoom in through the side windows of the Orville which gave a really nice sense of thickness and depth. Also this episode emphasised the point that they don’t have transporter technology. There was also a reference to the Quantum Drive as operating at 10 light years per hour. I thought those little details were quite nice to include. 

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