Google search results not forgotten

Ok, so in Europe google has been required by some EU law ( something about the right to be forgotten) to remove search results from its key word search results.  The example at the moment is someone like a CEO or some such from Meryl Lynch ( Some banking institution) was mention in a BBC news blog which comes up in a search result. 

Well google was told by the EU law folk that they should remove the result.  So for google in Europe they did this, though google put up a little comment on the results saying that the results reflected EU laws or some such.  

What seems a bit odd is why didn’t EU law folk ask the BBC blog to remove their blog, in that way it will eventually fall of the search results. It seems likely that the article wasn’t inaccurate or defamatory and just on public record so the EU had no right to ask for the BBC to remove the article.  

Here are more details at Reuters

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