Spectral review

This netflix produced movie was surprisingly well put together. The editing and most of the cinematography was well managed, although the use of the letter box style aspect ratio (2.35:1 ratio) on a 16:9 sized screen did mean some early shots of dialogue of people seemed not to take up the screen with the background being a bit distracting at times. Though by the time of the end of the movie it was significantly improved, or perhaps the choice of shot was different.

The characters were somewhat abandoned in terms of development but the director clearly was inspired by Aliens in many aspects. 

I was initially a bit worried about the explanation of the spectral but in the end it did get clarified. But just for the record BECs are really hard to sustain so that mechanism is entirely implausible for what was trying to be achieved.  The discussion of cloaking technology was more plausible and would have been a better end explanation in many ways.  

Despite this the journey and end resolution was quite satisfying in terms of the moral dilemmas faced.  The military feel and the city scape scenes really helped to add to the feeling of authenticity.

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