Doctor Strange review


This was not quite as good as it could have been. The initial scene, though very visually stunning, seemed a bit overwhelming and quite derivative of the visual style of Inception.  It started to feel very much like part of the Matrix too. 

Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent was very good seeming somewhat unnerving and a little foreboding. Tilda Swindon’s conversations with Strange did not seem to be very well focused in some parts, it sounded much like a narration of a nature documentary. 

 The nature of what the movie was trying to present just seemed almost too fantastical to me. The multiverse being the way it is would surely allow any entity to control time or even ignore time all together.  

Overall I thought that they could have revealed the nature of magic of the multiverse in a more subtle way that somehow shows how much effort required to get that level. 

Saw this at ANUfg.

This review is perhaps even more accurate, suggesting the movie is extremely derivative.

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