Event Horizon review


Just watched this for the second time, though I must admit that I recalled very little of the detail in the first viewing. But this time, viewing on blu-ray, I realised that this really is a high quality visually focused production. 

The sound , Dolby TrueHD, was certainly impressive with great dynamic range and certainly would give some people a bit of fright in a few scenes. 

The storyline is less science fiction and a bit more of a haunted horror house scenario with the house being a spaceship. Though I do think the technobabble actually worked quite well.  Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill performances are the real stars here being both highly decisive yet curiously uncertain about their actions as they evolve through the extreme scenarios they face. You can really see that this film clearly influenced the later Matrix movies but was also highly influenced by Alien and perhaps H.P Lovecraft. 

The extra features included the 'making of’ and helps clarify the purpose and direction of the movie too. It  puts into context some of the choices of design such as the Notre Dame Cathedral inspiration of the spaceship design.        

Overall though the movie does seem to feel like a classic space horror film, though not quite on the same level as Alien. Still worth checking out.  

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