Wonder Woman review


This was really very good.  There were no major issues here for me personally. There has been some mild concern about the petit nature of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman where some interpretations would be for more of ‘ripped’ character.  I wasn’t really familiar with the backstory of Wonder Woman so I went into this pretty open minded. 

It was refreshing to see the main female lead actually being, for the most part highly competent. Obviously there is character development and learning through the movie but this really engaged and was fairly obvious. 

The use of WWI as  backdrop was highly effective showing the struggle of understanding the world she had entered.  The male characters were all quite flawed in many ways which made this a bit of a change.  Chris Pine as the spy Steve Trevor presented a believable character without taking away from the focus of Wonder Woman. 

The slow motion sequences and in particular the change in attitude from initially going for non-lethal to lethal certainly showed a great sense of urgency and character development. Though now it really begs for what Wonder Woman is now doing in the modern world setting in Paris and what will be the Wayne Industries link further along. 

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